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Tolls in Iceland

Road Tolls in Iceland

Toll Roads and Parking Fees in Iceland

Toll roads in Iceland are not common but we do have one road where it is required to pay when it is driven. There is a tunnel North of Iceland, right outside of Akureyri the capital of the North. This tunnel is called Vaðlaheiðagöng and is just about 7.5 KM long, it goes through a mountain making winter driving easier than before as the drive over Víkurskarð the old road can often be icy and snowy. Vaðlaheiðagöng is located on Road 1 so it lies on the Icelandic Ring Road and it shortens the drive around Iceland by 16KM with this tunnel. 

What makes this road toll unique is that there is no payment machines or persons accepting payments before or after entering the Vaðlaheiðagöng tunnel. The drivers have six hours to make the payment, it can be paid three hours before or three hours after passing the tunnel. The payment is made online on the website www. where it can be paid with Credit Card. If the payment is not done within the six hours or three hours before entering the tunnel or 3 hours after it was entered we at Northern Lights Car Rental will receive a fine from Vaðlaheiðagöng. The fee to enter Vaðlaheiðagöng is 1500 ISK. 

We at Northern Lights Car Rental would like to point out to all travellers coming to Iceland over the summer months that driving over Víkurskarð only takes 12 minutes longer and is also free of charge. On top of being free travellers get an amazing view while driving. We do recommend using the tunnel over the winter months.  


It is important to keep in mind that if the Toll fee is not paid within the required time limits Northern Lights Car Rental will receive a bill from Vaðlaheiðagöng that we need to process as the owners of the vehicle. If Northern Lights Car Rental receives the bill we do need to add a handling fee/service fee of 3000 ISK, meaning that the driver would pay 4500 ISK for the toll fine received. This is done because of the work that our customer service team need to provide each time we receive a fine. 

If a customer drives through Vaðlaheiðagöng more than once without paying, Northern Lights Car Rental only charges the service fee once. 

National Park Entrance Fee & Parking Fees

In Iceland, we have many National Parks that are worth visiting while driving around Iceland. Two of these National Parks require payment while parking the vehicle there. They are Þingvellir National Park and Skaftafell National Park. You will find clear instructions on how to pay for the parking. It is also possible to prepay online at their websites.

It depends on the length of the stay how much they charge for parking. Each charge is per day and is valid until midnight each day. When entering these parking locations they have entry cameras that take pictures of the license plate number vehicle when entering and leaving the parking lots. When leaving the parking lot, this camera system checks if a payment has been done for the particular vehicle leaving the parking lot either on location or at the website. 

At Skaftafell National Park the Parking Fee day pass is : 

Vehicles with 5 seats or less: 750 ISK

Vehicles with 6-9 seats: 1000 ISK

At Þingvellir National Park the Parking Fee day pass is : 

Vehicles with 5 seats or less: 750 ISK

Vehicles with 8 seats or less: 1000 ISK

Vehicles with 18 seats or less: 1800 ISK

If a customer will receive multiple parking/entrance fines, Northern Lights Car Rental only charges the service fee once. 

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