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Proposing in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world (Even though we say so ourselves). So why not take advantage of the opportunity while you are here to propose to your loved one?

We have gathered a few of the most beautiful places in Iceland for the perfect proposal here in Iceland.



Did you know that you can walk behind Seljalandsfoss? Doesn’t that sound like the perfect spot to get on one knee in the mist with the sound of the tall waterfall? During both winter and summer, this beautiful waterfall would be an amazing place to propose to your loved one making a memory that both of you will never forget.

Just remember to bring your raincoat and/or a towel as you may get wet.

Seljalandsfoss Iceland

Photo by Tim Trad


Imagine the breathtaking view of this 120-metre high promontory in the back while you ask the person you love to marry you!

We cannot imagine anyone saying no to that!

Did you know that once a man flew a small airplane through the hole in the cliff? Crazy right!?

Then the legendary Black beach is not far from Dyrhólaey so you can go straight after or before to take a look at the beautiful basalt columns and fascinating black sand.

Dyrhólaey Iceland

Photo by Raul Taciu



Are you or your spouse a big Game of Thrones fan?

Then you might want to pop the question in Almannagjá located at Thingvellir national park.

Parts of season 4 where Sansa Stark and Littlefinger (Season 4 – Episode 5) and then Arya and the Hound (season 4 – Episode 8) go on their separate journeys to the Bloody Gate.

Almannagjá is a very beautiful place that invites you into a rift between the European and North American plates.

Almannagjá Iceland

Photo by Mark Male

Northern Lights

No specific location, but imagine standing in the cold with the magical, dancing northern lights above you, is there anything more magical than that?

The best time to visit Iceland to see the northern lights is from late September until late March as it gets dark around 6 pm.

You can monitor the northern light activity on your phone/computer using the website www.aurora

Northern Lights in Iceland

Photo by Simon Migaj

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