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Activities in Reykjavík

When traveling to Iceland you probaply stop by in Reykjavík. Here we go over a few destinations and activities that you can explore while there.

The Sun Voyager

I located downtown by the ocean and you will see Harpan the concert hall from there. It is a sculpture made of stainless steel and stands on granite making it a great stop to take amazing photos of it with the ocean in the background.

In 1986 the district association funded a competition for a new outdoor sculpture to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Reykjavík city. Jón Gunnar Árnason won with Sun Voyager that was put up in 1990 as an ode to the sun, hence its name.



The next stop we recommend while in Reykjavík is Harpan concert hall. Located not far from the Sun Voyager is the largest concert and conference hall in Iceland. It was opened in May of 2011.

It is best to enjoy the inside of the building during the day as you can best enjoy the view of the harbour from there, however, we do recommend taking a stroll past the building at night as well to enjoy the magical light show.

Bæjarins Beztu – The famous Icelandic hot dog

No matter who you are, we do recommend trying out the Icelandic hot dog in the Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand in downtown Tryggvagata. When getting to the stand just tell them you want „Eina með öllu“ (Pronounced: AYN-ah-med-UTL-lou), which means one with everything as it is best enjoyed that way (Or at least we think so). The hot dog with everything has slightly sweet Icelandic mustard, ketchup, remúlaði (remulad is a danish, mayonnaise-based sauce with capers, carrots and minced pickles), raw onion and fried onions. 

The British newspaper The Guardian even selected Bæjarins Beztu, the best hot dog stand in all of Europe in 2006!


When going to Reykjavík you of course have to go see Hallgrímskirkja the biggest church in Iceland. It is situated on a hilltop near the Reykjavík centre and is visible throughout the city.

Hallgrímskirkja got its name after the Icelandic poet and clergyman, Hallgrímur Pétursson born in 1614 that was the author of the Passion Hymns.

It took 41 years to build the church, constructions started in 1945 and ended in 1986 and the designer got its inspiration from trap rocks, mountains and glaciers of Iceland's landscape.

We recommend taking a trip up to the tower of the church where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Reykjavik and take a few pictures.


In 1991 a set of 6 cylindrical hot water tanks were used in the making of the building and topped with a glass dome. Inside you will find an interactive trip through Iceland´s glaciers, a 100-metre ice cave that you can make your way through and learn about the millennia of volcanic ash inside its walls and on the fourth floor is a great outdoor observation deck where you may find telescopes and information panels.


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