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Icelandic Hot Dogs

The famous Icelandic Hot dogs

The famous Icelandic hot dogs.

Bæjarins Beztu ( English : The towns best hot dog ) is a small chain of hot dog stands located in Reykjavík.

It has been in operation since 1937 and the first stand was located in Austurstærti then moved to Tryggvagata in downtown Reykjavík where it is located today. It‘s a family owned business with the same owners since 1937. The Harpa conference hall and the biggest flee market in Iceland, Kolaportið, are located just across the street.

Ein með öllu

These famous hot dogs have a few condiments like ketchup, crisp fried onion, raw onion, sweet mustard and remoulade( mayonnais based sauce with sweed relish).Icelanders often order one with everything or as they say´´Eina með öllu‘‘.

Few famous people have visited the stand including Bill Clinton former president of the United Stades. After his visit the chain got more popular then ever and has been growing since. Also a famous vocalist in the heavy metal band Metallica, James Hetfield, tried them out. The actor Charlie Sheen and the reality star Kim Kardishidan also tried one out at their visit here in Iceland.

In 2006 the british newspaper The Guardian selected Bæjarins Beztu the best hot dog stand not just in Iceland but in all Europe!

The price is very fair for a street food or 450 ISK that is around 3.30 EUR for the hot dog.

There is nothing better then having a warm nice hot dog in the freezing weather outside now. 

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