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Aurora Borealis

The Northen lights In Iceland

One thing we think is a must see while you stay in Iceland and that is the spectacular Northen lights or Aurora Borealis.

The Northen lights car rental  In Iceland

The northern lights is something every traveler needs to see.

They are so spectacular in all it´s glory, colour and mystique. They are detectable everywhere around Iceland and very common specially in the the darkest hours of the year.

The best chance to see them is out in the nature, away from all the city lights. That is if the sky is clear.

                                    see the northern lights by car

The best preparation for it is to check the Aurora Borealis forecast on the Icelandic Met Office’s website to be sure and then rent a good car for the trip.

Don´t forget the camera to capture these moments but also rembember to enjoy it while it lasts.

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